‘Wolf in the Redwoods’ Redwood Forest


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Product Description

‘Wolf in the Redwoods’ Redwood Forest California Fine Art Print. Well I have to come clean, this is not actually a Wolf, it is our trusty Adventure Dog, Jadi! She does look a bit like a wolf, and may have some Coyote in her, but she is definitely not a Wolf. After receiving an early order for this print, the printer commented that they particularly loved this capture, but thought that the “Wolf” had been photoshopped into the scene. I explained it was not a wolf just our timid little Coyote/ Wolf imposter Jadi! For this scene I had actually asked Jadi to sit just out of frame but as I was setting up she came strolling out from behind this massive Redwood tree, and really completed the scene. It is so hard to show the scale of these incredible Redwood trees and I don’t like including humans in my scenes, so I think she really made this print work. This has to be one of my new favourite images, but I guess I’m a bit biased having our best friend in the scene! 

This beautiful limited edition Fine Art Photography Print can bring some mood, colour and interest, for that fitting space which requires a special piece of Fine Art Photography. For the ultimate in vibrancy request a Archival Gallery Quality print using our Sublimation process onto Aluminum! Feel free to send us an email so we can quote this for you. All images are shot very high resolution to accommodate large format gallery style prints. Redwood Forest Photography. California Redwoods Forest Photography Prints.

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