‘Eden Giant’


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Product Description

‘Eden Giant’ – Vancouver Island Fine Art Photography. Deep within the heart of Vancouver Island there are temperate Rainforest’s that nurture environments that create some of the largest trees in the world, and this is where some of these last remaining Ancient Giants still stand today! These last remaining Old Growth trees on our planet, are down to 3% of the original Old Growth forests that are under protection on Vancouver Island with 90% of them having already being logged. To walk among these Ancient Giants is an amazing experience and something i hope my daughter can share with her children one day. Please check out Ancient Forest Alliance to learn more, sign theirs petitions, and stand up for the last remaining Ancient Giants. 10% of the profits of prints sales of ‘EDEN GIANT’ will be donated to the Ancient Forest Alliance.

About this print: When i shoot forest scenes i first try to isolate a simplified composition, and establish a focal point. In this case it is the Old Growth Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), and more specifically the little hollow you see in it. I will usually try to apply the rule of 3rds, having the focal point on the intersection of the line between the 1st 3rd of the image and the second in this case when looking from left to right. Also the golden ration can help to establish where to situate your focal point as well. Now with all this being said, the only reason this works is the beautiful side light that is entering the scene, and is most intense on the focal point of the Red Cedar. Without the light this scene would be very flat and probably not work. As far as processing i highlight this lighting with dodging and burning, as well as putting the background foliage a bit out of focus so the scene is not as busy which helps further simplifies the scene.

High resolution Fine Art Photography can add some mood, colour, and vibrancy to any fitting space, as well as providing a conversation piece and focal point! All prints are limited editions, and printed using only the finest archival printing processes. For the ultimate in vibrancy request a Archival Gallery Quality print using our Sublimation process onto Aluminum! Feel free to send us an email so we can provide further info on this, or an specialty pricing if needed. All images are shot very high resolution to accommodate large format gallery style prints. This Fine Art Photography Print, among many others can be viewed in our Boutique Fine Art Photography Gallery space in the heart of the Morgan Crossings shopping district in South Surrey BC. Call or email to book a private gallery viewing, and thank you for taking some time to view my portfolio of passionately created award winning fine art photography! See other pages on my website for other photographs. Vancouver Island Fine Art Photography

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Metallic paper, Mounted ready to hang canvas, Photographic matte or glossy, Plaque mount, Ready-to-hang Fine Art Archival Aluminum panel


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