‘The Last Stand’ Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island


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Product Description

‘The Last Stand’ – Vancouver Island Old Growth Forest Photography. The New Deforestation Party and our premier John Horgan are on a very aggressive path of destruction, bound and determined to destroy every last bit of Ancient Old Growth Forests in our province of British Columbia!! I created this image in late March of 2021 after a heavy rain storm and was greeted with just a little ray of light, that I hope signifies a glimmer of hope in this very worthy cause of protecting these remaining majestic giants and intact ecosystems! This scene really spoke to me and the new boardwalk really showcases the scale of these Beautiful Giants. The very sad reality as I walked through this amazing grove of giants was seeing the logging companies flagging tape everywhere! This exact scene is being prepared to be flattened or as they call it, clear-cut! This forest took thousands of years to be created and can be completely destroyed in a matter of days. Now I’m not against logging as I realize it is an integral part of our economy, but I’m dead set against Old Growth logging as we are now down to below 3% of our Ancient Forest left remaining. There are sustainable ways to log, and Vancouver Island is a prime example of how not to log. Looking at satellite imagery of the island or even doing a quick flight over it, shows the massive amount of damage that has been done with clear-cut logging. To destroy these last intact ecosystems seems completely short sighted and is not about jobs but short term opportunistic greed! These amazing Ancient Forests are worth far more standing! The eco-tourism alone could far surpass the short term revenue from selling these raw logs to China for the BioFuel wood pellet industry. Please stand up and speak for these Amazing Ancient Forests that can’t speak for themselves. I’ve taken my daughter to this forest numerous times now as I know these opportunities are dwindling quickly! Call John Horgan and let him know how you feel on this issue. (250) 387-1715  Ok rant over, and thank you for listening, but this is a very important and pressing issue. A percentage of proceeds from my Forest Photography series will be donated to the Fairy Creek Blockade and the legal defence fund for the Forest Defenders of the Fairy Creek Blockade as well as other charitable organizations helping to protect these Vancouver Island Old Growth Forest Photography.

High resolution Fine Art Photography can add some mood, colour, and vibrancy to any fitting space, as well as providing a conversation piece and focal point! All prints are limited editions, and printed using only the finest archival printing processes. For the ultimate in vibrancy request a Archival Gallery Quality print using our Sublimation process onto Aluminum! Feel free to send us an email so we can provide further info on this, or any specialty pricing if needed. All images are shot very high resolution to accommodate large format gallery style prints. This Fine Art Photography Print, among many others can be viewed in our Boutique Fine Art Photography Gallery space in the heart of the Morgan Crossings shopping district in South Surrey BC. Call or email to book a private gallery viewing, and thank you for taking some time to view my portfolio of passionately created award winning fine art photography! See other pages on my website for other photographs. Vancouver Island Fine Art Photography, Vancouver Island Old Growth Forest Photography.

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Ready-to-hang Fine Art Archival Aluminum panel, Mounted ready to hang canvas, Metallic paper


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