‘Nurture’ Fairy Lake


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Product Description

‘Nurture’ – Fairy Lake Bonsai. Vancouver Island Fine Art Photography. This scene was made possible when a dense bank of fog rolled in across the lake completely whiting out the background. I love the peacefulness, and serenity of this image, especially now with it being a very minimalistic scene. It has almost taken on a pencil sketch look to it, with it being converted to B&W. This little tree has been supported and nurtured by this nurse log situated in the middle of the lake since the 1980’s! I love the symbolism of this scene and how in nature entire eco system works together to support one another right down to the fallen trees that support future growth wether it be in the form of enriching the soil or physically supporting new trees. The root systems are also all interdependent in the forests and this is what gives trees added support to endure wind storm’s, floods, and heavy run off events. 

I’ll be adding this print to the gallery as it is now one of my favourite prints from this location, and it will be nice to get some black and white images up in the gallery. The gallery is still available for private viewing if you are interested in purchasing of any of my prints and would like to see the printing mediums and framing options prior to purchase.  To view this print in person or more of my work please feel free to email me to setup a private gallery viewing. Sharing these moments with my clients is an added bonus, especially when I get to see these moments proudly displayed in theirs homes and offices!

High resolution Fine Art Photography can add some mood, colour, and vibrancy to any fitting space, as well as providing a conversation piece and focal point! All prints are limited editions, and printed using only the finest archival printing processes. For the ultimate in vibrancy, clarity, and colour accuracy, select the print option “Ready to hang Fine Art Aluminum”! Feel free to send us an email so we can provide further info on this, or any specialty sizing if needed. All images are shot very high resolution to accommodate large format gallery style prints. This Fine Art Photography Print, among many others can be viewed in our Boutique Fine Art Photography Gallery space in the heart of the Morgan Crossings shopping district in South Surrey BC. Call or email to book a private gallery viewing, and thank you for taking some time to view my portfolio of passionately created award winning fine art photography! See other pages on my website for other photographs. Vancouver Island Fine Art Photography

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Ready-to-hang Fine Art Archival Aluminum panel, Mounted ready to hang canvas, Metallic paper


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