‘Lightning Crashes’ Quinault Rainforest


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‘Lightning Crashes’ Quinault Rainforest Fine Art Photography Print. Apparently there used to be an Old Growth Red Cedar here that was struck by lighting and exploded. You can still see some of the remains of the trunk of the tree, but for the most part it is gone, and from what I could see there doesn’t seem to be any remains of a fallen tree or nurse log. I love how the new growth has enveloped the remnants of the old trunk allowing it to function as a nurse log. It has been scientifically proven that trees can pass on environmental memories to their offspring. In this case the new trees are different species, but they are obviously benefiting from the remnants of the Ancient Cedar tree. I immediately loved this scene when I found it, and this was the only composition that I shot of it. Sometimes a scene speaks to you and you don’t really know why; which would be the case for this particular image. This area around Lake Quinault in Washington State, has some beautiful Old Growth Rain Forests and some very interesting things that have happened in the area. I highly localized wind event happened on the opposite shore of where I shot this scene, wiping out over a hundred old growth trees in a matter of seconds. The event was so catastrophic and quick that is registered as a small earth quake on a local seismic monitor at Quinault. The trees were not up rooted but actually twisted before the fell. There is a theory as to what caused this, but a lot of people are still very baffled and skeptical.  Additionally the local weather stations only reported a light breeze that night. The area affected was only .5 square km. The event happened at 1:30am Jan 27th 2018. Lightning Crashes Quinault Rainforest Washington State.

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