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Product Description

‘Intensity’ – Vancouver Island Fine Art Photography. This is the lovely Lola, and she booked me for her head shots session but all she did is stare at me intensely, like you see here… I even told some really funny jokes during our photo shoot session, like;

– Q: Why don’t eagles like fast food? A: Because they can’t catch it!

– Q: What do you call a sick eagle? A: Ill-eagle!

– Q: What does the eagle say to his friends before they go out hunting for food? A: ‘Let us prey.’

All super funny, I know, not sure why I couldn’t get a smile?! A bit of info on Lola she is actually a working Raptor for the Pacific Northwest Raptors on Vancouver Island and works at such places as YVR to deter the local fowl from residing in that area, which ultimately can prevent very dangerous bird strikes with air craft, thus saving the lives of birds and potentially people! My most memorable wild encounter with Eagles went like this:

On one occasion I was sleeping in my rooftop tent on my Jeep when I awoke to a vwoooomp sound as a Bald Eagle flew right over the roof of the tent, diving to attack another eagle that was right behind our Jeep. A very violent fight broke out, and I was so awe struck that I didn’t even have the sense to grab my camera!! I keep yelling at them to stop lol, as one was really dominating the battle. Finally the aggressor took off, but the other eagle now got itself stuck in some old fencing that had been left in the area. Luckily it eventually freed itself and was able to fly away thankfully!

High resolution Fine Art Photography can add some mood, colour, and vibrancy to any fitting space, as well as providing a conversation piece and focal point! All prints are limited editions, and printed using only the finest archival printing processes. For the ultimate in vibrancy request a Archival Gallery Quality print using our Sublimation process onto Aluminum! Feel free to send us an email so we can provide further info on this, or an specialty pricing if needed. All images are shot very high resolution to accommodate large format gallery style prints. This Fine Art Photography Print, among many others can be viewed in our Boutique Fine Art Photography Gallery space in the heart of the Morgan Crossings shopping district in South Surrey BC. Call or email to book a private gallery viewing, and thank you for taking some time to view my portfolio of passionately created award winning fine art photography! See other pages on my website for other photographs. Vancouver Island Fine Art Photography

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Ready-to-hang Fine Art Archival Aluminum panel, Ready to hang archival Giclee canvas, Metallic paper


16×48, 17×22, 17×36, 17×48, 17×60, 18×24, 18×36, 20×20, 20×40, 20×48, 20×60, 20×72, 24×24, 24×36, 24×48, 24×60, 24×72, 24×96, 30×30, 30×36, 30×40, 30×45, 30×60, 30×72, 30×96, 36×36, 36×54, 36×60, 36×72, 40×40, 40×60, 40×72, 40×80, 40×96, 48×48, 48×60, 48×72, 48×96