2021 Landscape Photography Calendar


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Product Description

2021 Landscape Photography Calendar. Enjoy some of Michael Bjorge’s Award Winning photographic work as part of a beautiful wall calendar! This gorgeous 13 month calendar features 13 of Michael’s most popular and inspiring images from locations around the Pacific Northwest. Printed using the finest offset printing press quality on environmentally-friendly recycled paper, this calendar is a great gift for your family or friends as well as a nice piece for your own home or office. Also makes a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer! Calendars are now available for pre-order, and are a little over half sold out as of mid Sept 2020! Shipping is free for the remainder of the year! Or “free local pickup” if you live in Metro Vancouver, and want to stop by the Gallery for a private viewing of some of our latest pieces. Some of the areas featured throughout the calendar include; Tofino British Columbia, North Cascades National Park, Sheringham Lighthouse in Shirley British Columbia, Pemberton Ice Cap North of Whistler BC, Leavenworth Washington, Chilliwack BC, Whistler BC, Crescent Beach in Surrey BC, just to name a few of the beautiful locations! Canadian Landscape Photography Calendars. 2021 Landscape Photography Calendar 2021. Christmas Gift Ideas 2020. Stocking stuffer gift ideas 2020. Nature Photography Calendar 2020. Landscape Photography Calendar. Pacific Northwest Photography Calendar.

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Dimensions 22 × 27 cm